Terrell Groggins


Recent Highlights World Press Photography Award Winner

Published with National Geographic twice in 2018

Nominated by World Press Photography Foundation 2019

Terrell Groggins is a Detroit based filmmaker and photographer whose current work explores stereotypes of race and gender action photography with an emphasis on boxing.

Terrell is known domestically and internationally for his compelling coverage of boxing and social injustice in Detroit, MI. His observant understanding of the human condition informs his vision on the African diaspora. Beyond photography, he dedicates significant time developing his filmmaking career as a director.

Since 2008, he has worked as a financial advisor for educators in Michigan, and is a pillar in the community mentoring youth.

Mr. Groggins’ compassion and commitment to young people is deeply rooted to growing up in a single parent home but living on a block where everyone looked out for each other. Mr. Groggins’ mother and grandmother Edna raised him to the best of their abilities, but when family was not present it was the local neighborhood of grounded men that filled in to make sure he wouldn’t fail in life.

His journey to become a photographer began with his neighbor’s mother who was a Japanese foreign language teacher, who showed a worldlier perspective, one outside of Detroit.

Terrell studied to be an optometrist while living in Windsor, Ontario for two years before deciding to become a real estate agent for his family’s business.

In 2012, desperate to find value in life after years of grieving his younger brother’s death in 2008, he picked up a camera and found joy, passion and the fulfillment he had been searching for his whole life through photography. Terrell learned he could be involved in the things that were important to him (education, empowerment, activism, inspiring and motivating others, history, and also create art, fashion, travel, meet new people and work for himself). A self taught photographer with no former training, Terrell has catapulted from an unfamiliar name to being sought after for his signature photographic style.

The that same year Terrell founded his photography company and brand “ My Art My Rules.” He has worked for five plus years primarily in black and white photography for his documentary projects. He has photographed fashion models, athletes, and freelanced for local newspapers.

Currently Terrell is partnered with Salita Promotions as a creative director that covers boxing events for Showtime, HBO and DAZN.

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