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In order to preserve rap's cultural function and, simultaneously, to promote artistic and commercial progress, the communities that have traditionally been the ones making the music should be the ones that control its production and distribution. Hip-hop must be recognized as a musical form and not merely a commercial trend. Hip-hop, including its history, its forms, and its social importance, should be taught in school music curriculum alongside classical music, folk music, and jazz35. The inclusion of rap in music education programs may also allow students and teachers to have an open discourse on related issues such as the relationship between rap and gangs, the presence of violence, misogyny, and homophobia in some rap songs, and the debate over musical rating and advisory systems. Hip-hop should be embraced in public school music programs as an American innovation and a way to relate student interests with curriculum. Additionally, rap could be integrated into English and language arts curriculum as a form of both poetry and drama. Allowing students to write and perform their own rap encourages them to think critically, to practice writing in the narrative form, to increase vocabulary, and to develop an understanding of rhyme and rhythm.

In this piece I want to introduce to you ASDR

Who is ASDR?

ASDR (All Songs Done Right) is a Michigan-bred hip-hop duo patiently creating something fresh yet nostalgic for real hip-hop lovers and music enthusiast everywhere. They intelligently capture the pure essence of old school hip-hop, R&B, and soul with a youthful hardcore energy while using classic samples to create and develop beats for any ear’s enjoyment. It’s clear ASDR is on a mission to help bring real hip-hop music back to your speakers, one track at a time.

In a style, all their own, ASDR Music's Da'Shonte Riley "Tae" and Anthony Strickland II "Strick" are hip-hop's newest dynamic duo. The pair met on the court while playing basketball for Eastern Michigan University. As fate would have it, away games often paired the two as roommates where Tae discovered Strick's rapping skills and Strick encouraged Tae to pursue making beats. It was from this partnership, ASDR Music was formed.

n a mission to bring real hip-hop music back to your speakers, one track at a time.

Anthony "Strick" Strickland

"The Rhymes "

Anthony "Strick" Strickland II was born In Detroit, Michigan and raised in Willow Run Michigan. Strick had dreams of becoming a teacher and graduated with a degree in History from Eastern Michigan University. But life had a different plan and instead of molding young minds in a classroom, Strick found himself working a dead-end job for $10.50 an hour at the plant. It was this struggle that led Strick on the path to music.


Da' Shonte "Tae" Riley

"The Beats"

Da' Shonte "Tae" Riley was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Tae graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in communications. After some encouragement from Strick during conversations they had during away games, Tae decided to start making beats. Shortly after he became the DR to ASDR Music.  


When Tae is not in the studio making beats you can find him on the court playing for the Idaho Stampedes. 

Strick on a Sunday

ASDR Volume 1 

Get ASDR's debut mixtape 'Health, Wealth & Vibe Vol.1' featuring "Visions", "All Me", and the growing hit single "Family" Apple Music/Itunes:

ASDR Volume 2 


Asdr In Front of a packed crowd at El Club 

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