Alycia Baumgardner Is The new WBC International Featherweight Silver Title Holder

Written By Gabrielle Burnett Photography Credit Terrell Groggins

Alycia “The Bomb” Baumgardner continued with her undefeated record yesterday against Nydia Feliciano. In the process, winning the WBC International Silver Belt.

This was a big test for Baumgardner, as she has never been past the first round in her professional career, nor has she faced an opponent in her professional career with Feliciano's experience. She went 8 rounds with Feliciano.

Super featherweight Alycia Baumgardner

Baumgardner was calm, skilled and consistent throughout the fight. It was her moment to show what type of fighter she is and she delivered. From the first round, Baumgardner rained a steady array of blows on Feliciano, from jabs, hooks to the body, to several uppercuts. Though she was soundly defeated, Feliciano continued to put in work throughout the fight, even catching Baumgardner several times throughout the fight, but it wasn’t enough. This victory was decisive.

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