Gheith "The Southpaw Prince" Mohammed Karim Continues His Undefeated Record

Written by Gabrielle Burnett Photography Credit Terrell Groggins

From My Perspective

Super welterweight Gheith “The Southpaw Prince” Karim Mohammed, came out on top against Chester Tatmon on Second 2 None’s War in Warren co-main event on February 23rd. Mohammed, now 3-0, 1 KO defeated Tatmon, now 3-1, 1 KO, by unanimous decision.

Rounds three and four saw both fighters exchanging a steady combination of punches, but Mohammed’s hooks seemed to be more effective in wearing down his opponent, which ultimately lead to his victory.

This was an exciting fight to watch on this night’s card. Both fighters came out strong in the first round. Tatmon landed many solid combinations, Mohammed countered with solid hooks to the body. Both fighters delivered a steady exchange of blows and were pretty evenly matched.

The second round showed Mohammed start to dominate the fight a bit. Though Tatmon continued to land steady body shots, Mohammed caught him with a left hook to the body that dropped Tatmon. Tatmon recovered and delivered his own series of left hooks and uppercuts, but Mohammed took this round.

The Southpaw Prince, born in Iraq and raised in Michigan, has big boxing ambitions. He’s been in 135 amateur fights and his professional records is currently undefeated. He wants to become the first Iraqi-American boxing champion. Based on his performance, he may well be on his way.

Gheith The Southpaw Prince
Gheith Mohammed
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