Keeping Detroit's Past Demons On A Leash

Keeping the Past demons of Detroit on tight leash isn't easy. We are witnessing the rebirth or resurrection of Detroit. Our city's downtown has improved, but our inner city communities still suffer. Everyone has a hand to play in this rebuilding process. The cards are on the table and I have my hand focused on the Detroit boxing community. Kronk boxing has a legendary past, currently the modern day Kronk is working on it's known legacy. There are many talented boxers that hail from our impoverished communities of the US, but there are many fighters that travel from other impoverished communites around the world to work on their craft at Kronk. Salita Promotions has brought some of the top boxers from around the world to help in the efforts to revitilize boxing in Detroit.

Directed by Terrell Groggins Protection Status